The History of Vintro begins in 2011, when three friends (Ana, Naty and Cata) decide to join together to create a world full of fine coquetry. Following our taste for a retro, vintage and shabby chic style, we created a romantic brand with delicate designs.

Welcome to a universe with details of fine coquetry!

In the union of the administrative capacity and the strategic thinking of Ana and Cata, combined with Nati's creative mind, Vintro was born, a name that mixes the words vintage (vin) and retro (tro) concepts, which at the beginning, the brand uses as inspiration to create emotional products that take you to the past and make you fall in love in the present.

All the inspiration from the past is evident in Vintro's creations, where every detail is essential to tell stories full of magic with 100% Colombian talent.

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